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Innovative Approaches

    To Community Development 

                                         Via                                    Investments in Social Determinants of Health

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Invest In GJ works to improve the social determinants of health that influence the wellbeing of the citizens of Grand Junction. With private and public investments in our community, we believe Grand Junction can strengthen its economy, improve population health, and lower health care costs.

About Us

Mission & Vision


Promote strategies and policy that improve the quality of life and health of the citizens of Grand Junction.


With a combination of social enterprise and public policy, we can improve our collective health and greatly enhance our ability to control health care costs in our community. 


"Be the change you wish to see in the world"                                         - Mahatma Gandhi

Mission & Vision
Cannabis With A Cause

Cannabis With A Cause
Disruptive Innovation

Invest In GJ seeks philanthropists, business people, and civic minded souls to seed fund a ground breaking and innovative start-up here in Grand Junction. Now that voters have spoken with respect to marijuana sales within the city limits, we look to keep the profits local and for our community.  Once seed funding is repaid, all profits of cannabis sales will be directed towards much needed Grand Junction projects and services

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 Dr. Pramenko       Social Enterprise        GJ Sentinel Editorial Board      

  by David Thurow 

City Council-Rule Making

The City of Grand Junction has already held multiple listening sessions regarding the process and content for the development of regulations for the recreational sale of cannabis. Main topics of discussion have included the number of licenses that will be allowed, locations and set-backs, local ownership requirements and public health issues. The Grand Junction City Council may soon vote on the merit criteria that will be used to award business licenses to recreational marijuana shop applicants. We need to encourage the council to keep the merit criteria as written.

Invest In Grand Junction

Grand Junction has a unique yet fleeting opportunity to create a private philanthropic organization with the specific purpose of improving the health and economy of our community. With private financial support, Invest In GJ will use all profits from a recreational cannabis company for community development. Now that the voters have spoken on recreational cannabis sales, we can do something different. Let us not follow the same path traveled by other communities where a very small number of people profit from the sale of a product that has significant public health costs associated with its use and abuse. 

With the help of seed money, we can make a difference.  Be a part of a disruptively innovative approach to help our community.  And because of your interest in a community centered approach, Invest In GJ would like to reward your vision and financial assistance with a proposed 7% return. We need investments of dollars, commercial space leasing, and consulting. 

Express your interest now with a pledge such that we can present a competitive application to the Grand Junction City Council. If our application is successful, and prior to any funds transfer, we will move forward with the necessary legal documents as they relate to any pledged funds.

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